Our Process

What is the Deliberative Society? The Deliberative Society is a technology-supported process for sustainable decision-making. It allows any organization or governing group to consult its population. The process builds trust and knowledge so that the implementers can find out what the people would think if they were thinking. It builds political capital and informed consent…

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Reframe It’s technology allows participants to comment on specific items in an online document or proposal, just as one would comment in the margins of a book. Other participants can reply to and rate each others comments, creating threaded conversations with highly rated comments listed first. Participants in the Deliberative Poll moderate and help rate…

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Deliberative Polling

A Deliberative Poll® is a survey of a scientific sample of a population both before and after it has had a chance to deliberate — to weigh competing arguments, get good information, discuss the issues in moderated small groups and question competing experts. At the end of a Deliberative Poll, the sample is surveyed again,…

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