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Be a part of this pioneering effort to discuss immigration and guest workers legislation facing Congress

Here’s an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on US immigration and guest workers. Your ideas and suggestions could be incorporated into the final briefing document policy experts create, in a project that’s visible to government influencers and policymakers.

This opportunity provides a platform for you to engage with immigration experts, journalists and other TechCrunch readers allowing those who participate to develop considered opinions.

Share your comments – early and often!

We’re not just looking for your opinions, we’re looking for your creative input.

In addition to your fellow readers and moderators, policy experts will review a subset of the comments for inclusion, and TechCrunch writers will search for quotes to include in their articles.

Join the Conversation

It’s easy to participate!  Just follow the “Get started!” button below and you’ll be taken straight to the briefing document where you can sign up and start making comments on each section of the doc.

We ask that you please remember to be polite and respectful, and refrain from swearing and personal attacks.  Enjoy the discussion!

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