Reframe It has a goal of mobilizing global under-utilized talent to address societal challenges. Reframe It has founded the CrowdDoing initiative and co-leads CrowdDoing as a joint initiative in collaboration with M4A Foundation Match4Action Foundation.

The purpose of the initiative is to bring volunteers together in teams to help the social enterprise sector through multi-generational, multi-disicplinary integral service learning. M4A Foundation’s CrowdDoing listings on volunteermatch  or on Volunteermatch. You can see an example of a case study of what Reframe It and M4A Foundation do through our CrowdDoing work in the comprehensive Impact Assessment of Arcimoto CrowdDoing prepared. This was created as a supporting document of the Arcimoto IPOArcimoto

Arcimoto’s mission is to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. We’ve created the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle: the first affordable pure electric vehicle that breaks the tradeoff between utility and rightsized efficiency for the daily driver while delivering an incredibly fun ride.

You can see examples of social enterprises that CrowdDoing has helping source volunteers for below:

WikipositiveWikipositive was envisioned in 2009 as a global smartmob approach to find and foster beneficial products and services on all levels of the economy from public companies through private, large to micro, profit and non-profit. Investors and researchers know a New Economy is needed to solve the world’s problems. This can become the place to start research, to contribute commentary, to learn from peers and experts.”

Path Group

PathGroup is a public benefit corporation that works to bring Design Thinking, Social Innovation and Civic Participation to design and delivery social programmes and products”

Business for America: https://bfa.us/

Business for America is a network of dynamic business leaders located in Washington, DC and San Francisco, who strongly believe it is their mission to make government operations efficient, effective and accountable. Their achievements will establish a more competitive and innovative business environment in America. CrowdDoing volunteers provide financial analysis, technical writers, strategic planning and an entire suite of web development services.  CrowdDoing volunteers also participate in weekly brainstorming sessions with the founder interactively sharing ideas working toward achieving major milestones within the organization.


Humanitec develops SaaS to help NGOs manage, monitore and improve their operations.

Humanitec develops SaaS to help NGOs manage, monitore and improve their operations.”

http://www.humanitec.com TolaData is a division of Humanitec:

TolaData is a team of Monitoring and Evaluation experts TolaData who build software to simplify the way you manage and track projects across their lifecycle. By helping organizations adopt standards and remotely monitor project activities in real-time makes it easier for frontline staff to spend less time collecting data and more time improving projects that matter. TolaData works with the existing ecosystem and smoothly integrates with the data collection apps and BI reporting tools that are already use.

The TolaData team is in the process of collecting data around key performance indicators that measure the progress and success of grants across the social sector. This “Indicator Library” should collect standardized answers to standardized questions that hold true throughout the sector. This should allow key stakeholders to easily locate information about how to measure their projects, as well as to contextualize that information.

M4A Foundation and Reframe It have partnered through CrowdDoing with the TolaData team to assist in collecting this KPI data, building out a database to house the data, and then developing an easy-to-use UI to allow stakeholders to query the database.


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