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The Deliberative Technology Community Fund

Are you frustrated with the way some issues pull people apart rather than unite them to solve the urgent — often deadly — problems? The Deliberative Society Process was designed to address this specific issue. Winner of the 2011 McKinsey/Harvard Management 2.0 Challenge, this process is built upon the work by the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford, and allows for specific annotation of documents to harness collective intelligence efficiently.

The Deliberative Technology Community Fund was created in 2014 to support the creation of Deliberative Society projects. Reframe It’s current project with TechCrunch is bringing people together to discuss the crucial issue of immigration in the United States.

Your donation to the Deliberative Technology Community Fund will go toward supporting the creation and infrastructure of more Deliberative Society projects. These projects build political capital and informed consent so leaders can make the right decision even when it involves significant complexity and difficult tradeoffs. Learn more about our process, which uses a proven methodology for obtaining representative, informed opinions from a scientific sample along with our patented technology.

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Current Sponsors

Add your name or organization to this growing list of deliberative society sponsors, who support the implementation of projects that help give people voices.

Knight Foundation
Miami Foundation
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