Reframe It, Inc.

Harvard/McKinsey Management 2.0 Challenge WinnerReframe It won the McKinsey/Harvard Business Review Management 2.0 Challenge in 2011 for its collective intelligence methodology, the Deliberative Society. This methodology is designed to let everyone in a community be creative in their participation, and yet not have any faction be able to manipulate or game the outcome of a decision-making process.

Reframe It’s approach builds on its work developing digital annotation systems to allow a community to discuss an online text or webpage with specificity. Reframe It applies technology and processes for decision-making within companies and to help governments make better decisions domestically and internationally.

Praise for Reframe It

“Reframe it has unique and scalable technology that allows moderated and shared discussion using the positional meaning of comments in the margin…”– John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and Director of Xerox PARC, Board of Directors of Amazon & Corning“Reframe It uses state-of-the-art interaction techniques to provide an integrated experience for users, which enables them to participate without needing to deal with technical complexities.”– Terry Winograd, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and former dissertation supervisor to Larry Page, co-founder of Google.

“Process has always been as important to me as the end result, and the Deliberative Corporation establishes a process and framework for making informed decisions that can then be implemented more effectively and efficiently with greater stakeholder buy-in.”– Mario Morino, Co-Founder and Chairman of Venture Philanthropy Partners, Co-Founder of Legent Corporation

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